Our Approach

At JTI, we know understanding client needs and constraints is critical to navigating difficult situations in an evolving global economy. That’s why we listen before we leap. Although some ideas may be transportable from one client or industry to another, our experience has taught us that one-size-fits-all solutions are almost always sub-par.
We approach every problem from a global perspective. Our international experience enables us to see the currents—and undercurrents—of different markets as we help clients minimize risks and maximize opportunities. Our understanding of key cultural and legal differences between countries, including our knowledge of labor-management relations, sales and marketing processes, and the potential of internal communications, enables us to deliver realistic, impactful solutions that avoid the pitfalls of off-the-shelf consulting products.
We know our own strengths, as well as our limits. If clients need expertise that goes beyond our capabilities, we don’t oversell and under-perform. We stay within the bounds of what we know and do best. In consultation with our clients, we draw upon our network of subject matter experts to supplement our project team. This allows us the freedom and flexibility to focus our efforts and produce effective, cost-efficient solutions for our clients.