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Too often, cross-border investments don’t achieve their full potential. JTI understands the intricacies at play where public and private sector interests intersect, enabling clients to better understand their leverage and optimize short and long-term value from their investments.
The Issue: A Germany-based DAX 30 company faced a severe challenge from an Asian competitor whose below-market loans from state-owned banks enabled it to dump a competing product into the market. A WTO claim was being considered, as were potential plant closings.
The Action: JTI knows how Washington, D.C., ticks. We identify and influence the subtle nuances at the nexus of the public and private sectors that make or break business initiatives. Leveraging the U.S. investment and strong “technology-friendly” states where the client had most of its U.S. employees, JTI designed and executed a communications and public affairs strategy that won the active support of U.S. Senators and Congressmen, and the U.S. Trade Representative. The strategy also generated broader public pressure when JTI proposed and wrote an editorial that ran in The Financial Times, co-signed by the client’s CEO and the CEO of its key U.S. competitor.
The Consequences: Under public and political pressure, the Asian competitor ceased its anti-competitive practices, obviating the need for our client to bring a claim to the WTO.

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“Of particular value was JTI’s ability to sensitize our management in the U.S. and in Germany to the differences in culture, legal frameworks, and business norms. JTI’s extensive network helped us to establish contacts and develop new partners and customers in the U.S.”

Richard Reiss, President, ORBIS America


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