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JTI is based in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area, where both the potential—and the pitfalls—of private sector interaction with the public sector are very clear. Managing corporate activities at this public-private nexus to maximize value and minimize risk is both an art and a science, particularly for foreign companies doing business in the United States.
Drawing on our expertise designing and executing plans for large, overseas-based companies, we enable our clients to navigate the complexities of federal and state policy. Our legal, legislative, and business experience ensures that the advice we give our clients is both effective and relevant to the business manager.
We support strategic planning for companies engaged in—or exploring future engagement in—transactions with public sector implications, including matters overseen by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, antitrust issues, and other federal policy concerns. At the same time, our experts can assist global companies in establishing a corporate identity in the U.S. that generates respect, appreciation, and support among private and public sector leaders.
Our public sector strategy services are tailored to our clients and include:

  • Pre-transactional analysis of and support for potential legal and regulatory issues
  • Integration of public sector concerns into transactional due diligence and corporate risk management
  • Design and management of political engineering plans to protect and promote ongoing business interests in the U.S.
  • Design and execution of public relations and media strategies to achieve public and political recognition for your firm’s contributions as a good corporate citizen
  • Planning, drafting, and editing of speeches, articles, and other corporate communications targeting specific audiences

Case Studies

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 Cultural Knowledge & Understanding

“From designing public policy strategies to writing CEO speeches for a Washington audience, JTI’s German-American experience enabled them to bring a unique perspective and leadership to effectively addressing issues of a foreign subsidiary in the U.S.”

Dr. Heinrich Rodewig, former General Counsel, Daimler-Benz


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