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At JTI, our core team’s expertise is based on decades of real-world business experience spanning many industries. Our experience includes responsibility for global Ethics and Compliance, training and communications, and regional as well as global P&L accountability. We bring to every client an understanding of the realities of corporate life and its pressures to accomplish ambitious goals within the constraints on budgets, personnel, and schedules. We believe in emphasizing the prevention of Ethics and Compliance lapses through the design and implementation of effective organizational structures, policies, communications strategies, and training. Our approach to building and refining Ethics and Compliance programs is highly pragmatic, business-oriented, and efficient. This is one of the key reasons our client relationships last for years.

The best Ethics and Compliance program will not succeed without effective, targeted, impactful communications. Communication is one of our core strengths. We are experienced at developing training and communications for all stakeholder groups: E&C representatives, board members and executive leadership, management, administrative staff, “blue-collar” employees, and third-parties / business partners. We are especially good at taking otherwise hard-to-understand technical and legal jargon and turning it into practical, impactful guidance for audiences that need to understand and act on it.

Our extensive international experience also singularly equips JTI to support E&C initiatives for multinational clients whose challenges are intensified by legal and cultural differences and rapidly evolving global markets. In addition, due to our unique network of experts around the world, JTI can offer tailored E&C advisory services in local languages on any continent.

Ethics and Compliance is about managing risks. It is also, however, about supporting a corporate culture that promotes integrity and core corporate values. We advise our clients not only on what must be done to meet minimum requirements, but also on what should be done to set the standard for best practices and live up to principles that secure long-term growth. JTI’s approach is creative, impactful, and practical. We partner with our clients to develop optimal strategies for each unique company.

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“JTI has served as a trusted advisor to us in the areas of Ethics and Compliance and Strategic Communications for several years. Their counsel is based on real business experience. They understand our business challenges and drivers. Whether directed at the board or the shop floor level, their advice is always clear, practical and impactful.”

Tom Enders, CEO, AIRBUS Group


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