Building a Corporate Identity in the U.S.

Don’t be blindsided by special interest groups. JTI’s experience leading communications initiatives on sensitive issues helps our clients avert potential reputational damage while building understanding and support with various interest groups.
The Issue: A powerful interest group was gearing up to publicly attack the U.S. subsidiary of a major European manufacturing company based on the presumed underrepresentation of its constituents among the company’s U.S. suppliers and business partners.
The Action: JTI led an initiative to demonstrate a commitment to fairness that would defuse the situation and build bridges with the respective interest group. Sifting through the posturing and relying on a deeper sense of what the real issues and concerns were, a strategy was crafted to mollify the agitators.
The Result: By meeting discreetly with key politicians, academics, and business persons, the company was able avert a public attack in the media after explaining its side of the issue and committing to make specific improvements that were in the interests of both sides.