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JTI’s expertise in building awareness and appreciation amongst different stakeholder groups assures clients that their contributions to host-country markets and citizens result in support — when and where they need it.
The Issue: One of Europe’s largest companies had a major presence in the U.S. with 22 subsidiaries and thousands of employees and suppliers. However, the company – and its contributions of investment, employment, and procurement in the U.S. — was virtually unknown. Essentially, the company had no bankable “political capital” in Washington, D.C., or in the many states where its North American subsidiaries operated.
The Action: As U.S. companies know well, without such political capital, getting the attention and support of key legislators and regulators is difficult. JTI spearheaded a joint effort with the company’s global headquarters in Germany and its 22 U.S. subsidiaries to design and implement a comprehensive public affairs and communications initiative titled “Partnership With America.” Activities included: organizing major showcase events in Washington, D.C., and arranging targeted public television sponsorships; arranging and then preparing Cabinet-level one-on-one meetings with the company’s CEO, writing high-level speeches for audiences of business and government leaders; managing a major transatlantic business meeting with hundreds of participating CEOs; designing and disseminating corporate responsibility brochures; leading discrete outreach to potentially hostile stakeholder groups.
The Result: The result was vastly increased awareness, respect and support from U.S. political and business elites and other stakeholders and interest groups. The company then decided to replicate this initiative in a key Asian market.

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