Tough Recommendations to Secure Success

Clients seek our advice knowing we won’t sugarcoat the hard truths. Our reasoned analysis is appreciated for its honesty and reliability.
The Issue: When JTI was asked to step into an interim management role at a global services firm based in Germany, the financial performance of the company was already in steep decline and various constituent groups within the firm had lost trust in each other. JTI was asked to lead an effort to develop a plan to turnaround the precarious situation.
The Action: JTI met with nearly all partners in 14 countries around the world, listening to their concerns and recommendations. Performance data was analyzed. Despite pressure to divulge the plan early, JTI waited until a full partner meeting to share its recommendations. The plan called for streamlining practice areas, office locations, and compensation based on performance and overall contribution to success.
The Result: 82% of the partners voted in favor of the plan. However, when it became clear the governance structure would allow a few partners to veto such strategic decisions, the plan was not implemented, and the firm dissolved. In that situation, JTI was able to negotiate the merger of two European offices with a U.S. firm.

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Optimizing Stakeholder Interests

“JTI not only coached the team with strong communication and motivational skills but also applied research and analytical experience to develop an entirely new perspective for the company. JTI’s work was valuable for the company, its founders/managers as well as the shareholders—all benefited.”

Philippe Schuit, Managing Partner, Duke Forest Capital


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