Our Services

At JTI, we see business, legal, and cultural differences as opportunities, not obstacles. We focus on what can be achieved when people, processes, products, and services align to optimize success, and unlike many consultants, our advice is creative but practical.
Since 1999, we’ve been counseling companies ranging from startups to Global 100 firms on transnational business strategy, ethics and compliance, corporate communications, and navigating the public sector. Whether designing a restructuring strategy, preparing a political engineering plan, creating a global compliance training program, or constructing a corporate communications initiative to address highly sensitive internal or external issues, we deliver counsel that’s rooted in real-world profit-and-loss experience and in tune with modern corporate realities. In fact, major news outlets, trade associations, and universities often seek our interpretations of industry developments.
We understand the pressure and potential of performing against budgets, deadlines, personnel constraints, constantly changing markets, and competitive environments – and we have years of experience successfully overcoming complex challenges and seizing opportunities to improve performance.
Our clients know what they’re getting when they work with JTI — a reliable, trustworthy partner committed to meeting their needs. It’s no wonder they consistently extend our relationship, project after project, year after year.