Jeffrey A. Thinnes

CEO + Co-Founder

Jeff founded JTI, Inc. in 1999, to focus on four areas in which he had wide-ranging experience: Business expansion and restructuring, corporate communications, public sector engagement, and ethics and compliance. In designing and delivering effective business strategies, political engineering plans, targeted internal and external communications initiatives, and effective ethics and compliance programs, Jeff has built a reputation for adding value while minimizing risk.
Jeff creates value for clients by providing sound strategy, practical execution, and insight into the complexity of the global business environment. For example, during a temporary relocation to Germany so that he could work more closely with key clients, Jeff designed and implemented a successful turnaround strategy for the Central European subsidiary of a U.S. publicly traded company, resulting in its first profitable year ever. For a major client in France, he won the trust of senior executives by spearheading cross-function, cross-division initiatives focused on quality improvement and ethics and compliance.
Jeff’s real-life experience forms the basis of his counsel to executives of companies ranging from start-ups to Global 100 firms. His professional experience prior to forming JTI included:
• Vice President of Daimler-Benz’s Washington, D.C., office, with responsibility for trade and investment, public affairs, and strategic communications, 1996-1999
• Vice President of the Aspen Institute in Aspen, Colorado, 1993-1995
• Deputy Director of the Aspen Institute in Berlin, 1990-1993
• Practicing attorney in Arizona, representing German companies and family offices in the U.S., 1985-1990
Jeff holds a BA in Political Science from the University of Notre Dame, an MPA from Harvard University, a JD from Indiana University, and an LLM in European Union Law from the Universität des Saarlandes.


Trusted, Value-Driven Advisor

“Mr. Thinnes’ leadership style was one of constant optimism, though he was not afraid to make recommendations for difficult changes based on solid analysis and good judgment.”

Dr. Andreas Oldenbourg, Founding Partner of Haarmann Hemmelrath


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