Eric C. Lisann

Senior Advisor

Eric Lisann is an attorney, former U.S. state and federal prosecutor, U.S. government anti-corruption expert, international monitor, and executive trainer on legal issues. He has prosecuted a range of cases from violent to financial crime and has represented the U.S. government in criminal investigations and trials throughout the United States, including corruption, tax, money-laundering, fraud, bribery, and drug-trafficking offenses. Prior to entering private practice where he represented, among other clients, whistle blowers in trans-national litigation, Eric served as a legal advisor to the OECD in connection with their anti-corruption monitoring efforts.

Eric is a Senior Advisor to JTI, Inc., a consultancy focused on Ethics & Compliance. In this role, he has supported the design of anti-corruption policies and implemented compliance training programs in Europe, Africa and North America.

A fluent French speaker, Eric also teaches law at HEC/Paris School of Management and regularly appears on France24 television to provide legal analysis and commentary.